Clint was born in Austin, Texas and raised in Fort Worth.  From a family of entrepreneurs Clint learned the value of hard work, ingenuity, and the American Dream.  Stringing miles of barbed wire on the family farm as a kid, structuring large commercial deals, or swinging a hammer on his own renovations, Clint’s passions are real estate and the outdoors.

Clint is a licensed attorney, CPA, real estate broker, mediator, contractor, negotiator, and serial entrepreneur.  He got his start at TCU where he graduated at the top of his class with a business degree and met the love of his life, Sandy.  They were married shortly after he graduated, and Clint and Sandy have three sons: Jake, Eli, and Daniel.  Sandy has worked joyously, tirelessly, and sacrificially with Clint in all of his ventures, and together they have homeschooled and raised three strong business-savvy young men with academic and life accolades too numerous to list.

After college, Clint went on to SMU to receive his law degree.  Early in his career he worked at Ernst & Young CPA firm and Jackson Walker law firm.  Discovering his “allergy to desk-work and neckties,” Clint returned to his entrepreneurial roots and embarked out on his own.  He opened a real estate title office in a country suburb where boots and jeans were considered high attire and soon began developing real estate.

The real estate and economic crash that peaked in 2009 wiped-out many real estate entrepreneurs.  But, Clint and his family were providentially spared.  At the height of his real estate business in Texas and just before the crash hit, Clint and Sandy were led, through prayer and seeking, to sell everything and move to the mountains of northern Idaho to re-focus life on their three sons who were twelve, ten, and eight years old at the time.  It wasn’t long after arriving in Idaho that Clint’s entrepreneurial bug bit hard again.  He bought a pawnshop, opened a law practice, and even was selected as a contestant on the NBC TV business competition The Apprentice with Donald Trump where his business and people skills helped him navigate his way to the finals.

On a trip to the southern Idaho capital of Boise, Clint realized that the real estate market there was in a “Goldilocks Zone” in that there was a good supply of homes for renovation plus a good demand for renovated homes.  Shortly after, he and his family relocated to Boise and teamed his business and construction skills with his partner Luke Caldwell for the HGTV hit series Boise Boys.  Clint has also appeared in other HGTV programming and is currently in development of another yet-to-be-named series.

Beyond his family and businesses, Clint enjoys helping and teaching other people.  He has been involved with a variety of ministries.  He has served as the director and leader of two different addiction-recovery ministries, taught high-school Sunday school, and serves on the board of directors of Good Word Ministries serving the deaf and disabled children of Honduras.  From early in his career, Clint had accumulated a wealth of small business, entrepreneurial, and real estate knowledge; so, his practice has always involved mentoring, advising, consulting, and mediation.  He is also a professor of business law at Boise State University.

Clint’s most recent business forays are his startups Heart for Home and the Alpha Social Card Club. Heart for Home Properties is a business in which he hopes to help lower income Texas families access financing to achieve the dream of home ownership. Heart for Home will also assist families with employment and life skill mentoring to help families successfully transition from renters to owners. Alpha Social Card Club is a cutting-edge poker club that pairs Clint’s entrepreneurial fire with his love for competitive poker.

In his free time, Clint enjoys traveling with Sandy, and they love spending time with their boys.  He finds himself in the solitude of the outdoors hiking, fishing, hunting, and subsisting.  His peace in the storm of life is in praying and reading the Word.  Clint also loves great cuisine.  Cooking is one of his passions and you can bet there will be haute cuisine when he escapes to the kitchen.  Clint also loves the mental challenge of playing poker.  His first foray into professional poker at the 2019 World Series of Poker was good enough to make the money.  In fact, he finished one place ahead of the all-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth.  You can keep track of Clint online at www.ClintRobertson.com, or by looking for @GenuineClint on most social media sites.

"I was very impressed with Clint. I think he’s very charming and funny. He’s obviously very earnest and he’s a super nice guy."


“Clint, you’re the kind of person who gives Americans faith in their country because you are determined to move ahead.”